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How does carbmee support teams from end-to-end of your enterprise?


Our team is composed of industry experts specialized in procurement, business consulting, technology, and more. This means we have the domain knowledge to understand our customers’ challenges and needs – and the know-how to solve them.

To ensure our customers are able to have the greatest impact on their net-zero journey, we also provide:

  • one-on-one guidance and recommendations on how customers can start and level-up their decarbonization;
  • online courses that explain what net-zero is and how to use our product from end-to-end of your enterprise;
  • webinars and events with industry experts, focused on net-zero for both the planet and your company’s sustainable business performance.

We are a consultancy firm interested in EIS™ Carbon Management for our clients’ projects. Can we partner with carbmee?


Yes, our Consultancy Partners are key in supporting our joint customers to eliminate implementation barriers, maximize low-carbon capacity, and achieve breakthroughs in sustainable business performance.

Is there support available when using EIS™ Carbon Management?


Yes, carbmee provides both personal support from our Customer Success Managers but also through our interactive learning platform, carbmee Academy. Customer Success Managers ensure that every customer is guided through:

  • their decarbonization journey, i.e align use of Carbmee with business goals and strategy;
  • how to leverage EIS Carbon Management to achieve meaningful carbon reduction goals;
  • their unique product onboarding;
  • mapping challenges to match for solutions, i.e. product discovery and co-development.

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