Achieve a more
sustainable supply chain.

Unlock the power of collaboration with carbmee's EIS™ Collaboration solution to
help your company deliver on a more sustainable supply chain.

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Align your supply chain with your
company’s sustainability strategy

  • Collaborate across teams and beyond
  • Promote supplier engagement
  • Gain access to emissions data 24/7
  • Identify crucial emissions hotspots
Peter Hagenow

Peter Hagenow,
Head of Group Procurement, KWS Saat

For the first time, we were able to create complete transparency on our Scope 3 emissions for the data we integrated from our ERP system into carbmee, identifying our highest emitting suppliers and actively collaborating with them to achieve greater precision and ultimately identify meaningful reduction potential."

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carbon footprint.


Decide on
a net-zero strategy.

Take action
to reduce emissions.

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