Spend Matters recognizes carbmee as a 2022 “Future 5” start-up

Spend Matters has announced the 2022 roster for their “Future 5” list and this year, carbmee is among the five companies that have proven themselves as potential future trend setters.

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Setting the trend for carbon management

For the fourth year in a row, Spend Matter analysts have highlighted five start-ups that excited them the most and proven to be potential future trend setters. While explaining why carbmee was selected for the Future 5 list, Nick Heinzmann, Spend Matters VP of Research, said:

"Carbmee immediately stood out as a Future 5 candidate due to its strong underlying technology, its ability to quickly find traction, its smart positioning in and partnership approach to the market and its compelling vision.

Compared against other carbon management specialists and adjacent players that are building their own capabilities to estimate and reduce carbon emissions, Carbmee already stands out with its deep support for primary emissions data collection and collaborative calculations approach that draws in data owners and experts to confirm data points, including internal engineers, ESG-employees, external suppliers or even customers. The firm embodies both deep procurement and lifecycle assessment (LCA) expertise, and the Carbmee team includes a set of experts who can both help implement the system and assist in knowledge transfer for how to get the best data out of the deployment."

This announcement comes as the carbmee has already gained attention in the market this year with Gartner Inc. highlighting carbmee as a Cool Vendors in Sourcing, Procurement, & Supply Chain for 2022 and Frost & Sullivan recognizing carbmee with the 2022 Europe Enabling Technology Leadership Award in the Carbon Management Industry

Spend Matters has noted that selected Future 5 vendors are on track to qualify for the following year’s “50 Procurement Providers to Watch” list. As carbmee continues to develop its platform and ecosystem, we look forward to earning our place on the 2023 list.