End-to-end carbon accounting for your enterprise

Use the best ESG Management Software for the best results. Carbmee's EIS Carbon Management platform guarantees highly accurate, scalable carbon accounting to deliver on results within days, not years. Leverage the carbon management software that combines data from the most trusted global databases with precise carbon accounting calculations.

What sets EIS™ Carbon Management apart

Designed for carbon reduction that yields high ROI.

Built by an expert team with industry experience.

Enabling efficient collaboration across your entire value chain.

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Developed with international standards in mind

Trusted by enterprises, such as:

Ready to accelerate your decarbonization journey?

How do leading industry enterprises use our solution?

Measure your product, supply chain, and corporate carbon footprints for end-to-end carbon transparency.

Reduce emissions with actionable insights and built-in science-based benchmarks.

Report progress on your decarbonization journey to regulators, investors, and customers alike.