Supply Chain Emissions

Companies need more than emissions reports that just state the numbers – what they need now is actionable insights to manage and reduce supply chain emissions. This carbon management is essential to deliver on net-zero targets and meaningful sustainability strategies.

Designed for carbon reduction that yields high ROI.

Built by an expert team with industry experience.

Enabling efficient collaboration across your entire value chain.

Carbon management for the entire supply chain

We support large and multinational enterprises to gain carbon transparency throughout their complex supply chains – including Scope 3.1 and 3.4. carbmee’s solution enables carbon management that helps you to prioritize your highest return-on-investment hotspots and uncover business opportunities through data-driven insights.

Analyze emissions hotspots

Identify and prioritize your most relevant emissions hotspots with automated calculations and  accurate analytics.

Plan initiatives

Once you have carbon transparency, plan and manage emission reduction initiatives to deliver on pledges and targets.

Engage with your suppliers

Invite suppliers to collaborate and work together towards reducing their emissions – and yours.

Align on your net-zero strategy

From company leadership to operational departments to suppliers, ensure everyone is aligned on your decarbonization strategy.

Automotive use case

Driving progress towards a  net-zero value chain

Supply Chain Emissions

A leading luxury automotive company needed to understand the impact of upcoming carbon regulations, such as the carbon border tax, on their global operations in order to strategically adapt their procurement strategy and avoid excessive carbon taxes and fines.

With EIS™ Carbon Management, they gained transparency across their entire supply chain emissions, forecasted main impacted areas and kick-started collaboration with suppliers to reduce emissions on the production of their highest emission materials and car components ahead of regulations coming into force.

75%  savings

in operational costs

80% carbon reduction

potential uncovered


return on investment

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