Product Carbon Footprint

To reduce emissions throughout product offerings, enterprises need to be able to precisely identify emissions hotspots and reduction potential. Calculate product carbon footprints across your company to uncover both carbon and cost savings.

See 20% revenue growth with optimized carbon management.

Achieve carbon-conscious product design 50% faster.

Save 77% in process costs with sustainable production.

Ensure more sustainable products

Calculate the climate impact of your products faster than ever before with EIS™ Carbon Management. Calculate the Scope 1, 2, 3.1 and 3.4 emissions of your products in compliance with GHG Protocol and ISO 14067.

Calculate product impact

Once you have carbon transparency, plan and manage emission reduction initiatives to deliver on pledges and targets.

Discover reduction potential fast

Cover all stages of a product’s life cycle and find carbon reduction potential along the development process.

Always be prepared with the right information

Whether it’s for winning tenders, reporting on emissions reduction progress, or comply with regulations, always have the right insights readily available.

Manufacturing case study

Competitive edge with product redesign

Product carbon footprint

A global manufacturing company has had an increasing number of customers requesting information on the emissions of their product portfolio. As an industry leader, the company faces the challenge of calculating emissions for over 100 strategic products. This would take their limited team of LCA specialists years to fulfill the full scope of customer's requests, potentially hindering the company's advantage in the market.

With carbmee, they calculated Product Carbon Footprints for 100 selected products, in compliance with ISO 14064, within weeks and reported emissions to customers.

Our EIS™ Carbon Management solution also revealed an opportunity to get ahead of competitors and redesign part of their product portfolio to offer new, low-carbon products.

77% savings

in operational costs

>2 years

of extra work avoided


return on investment

Ready to accelerate your
decarbonization journey?

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