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Analyze, automate and decarb your enterprise with Environmental Intelligence

Environmental Intelligence

Use science-based methodologies for a detailed comprehension of your corporate greenhouse gas emissions. Detect reduction potential, automate your workflows, collaborate with customers & suppliers and track your progress in common reporting frameworks.

carbmee accelerates your decarbonization and empowers your operational teams to take science-based actions on scope 3.

At a glance

The environmental

intelligent enterprise


The Environmental Intelligence System is a software platform that guides your enterprise through the most critical business challenge of all time - increasing profit and decreasing emissions, at the same time. It is built to assist operational teams with a workflow-based experience for making profound decisions based on specific data. The Environmental Intelligence System guides your enterprise to net-zero.


Analyze your supplier base and get immediate transparency of your scope 3 emissions with supplier-specific data.


Collaborate to define targets and monitor emission reduction progress internally and externally.


Reduce your scope 3 emissions through supply chain specific recommendations.


Automate your environmental data collection through system integrations to software you already use.


What carbmee does for you

Save time and effort

carbmee streamlines your data collection & accounting process. Leverage data from your existing systems, automate reporting and decision-making.

Reduce GHG emissions

By automating decarbonization, your operational teams are empowered by supplier-specific data to make profound decarbonization decisions in scope 3 and track the progress.

Generate tremendous savings

With carbmee, your enterprise protects itself from not expected penalties, offsetting fees and increasing customer requirements.

Improve customer satisfaction

By accelerating your path to net-zero, your products & services will satisfy customer requirements and helps you to build resilient relationships.

The Environmental Intelligence System saves costs and decreases emissions at the same time

< 50 %

emission savings

Rethink your sourcing, supply chain and supplier strategy.

> 75 %

efficiency gain

Enable your operational teams with data-driven insights of scope 3.

< 80 %

less penalties

Protect your enterprise from unexpected payments regarding decarbonization.

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