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increase in the number of companies in the EU required to report on sustainability topics, due to CSRD.

Updated reporting requirements will become standardized and measurable.


increase in the number of companies in the EU required to report on sustainability topics, due to CSRD.

Updated reporting requirements will become standardized and measurable.

carbmee’s Environmental Intelligence System™

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Climate regulations, markets, investors and consumers are all headed towards a net-zero future – make sure you don’t get left behind.

Whether you need a Product Carbon Footprint (PCF), a Company Carbon Footprint (CCF) or a Supplier Carbon Footprint (SCF), we've got your carbon footprints covered.

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Gain transparency over emissions from end-to-end and across Scope 1, 2, and 3, in compliance with the most trusted standards.


Automate your decarbonization strategy to uncover emissions hotspots and reduction potential.


Communicate your net-zero journey to regulators, investors, customers, in compliance with the most carbon accounting and other trusted standards.

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“Understanding scope 3 emissions for an enterprise of our size felt like an impossible task. With carbmee, we identified a clear path forward, leveraging their EIS™ Carbon Management solution to gather and measure the data we needed to achieve our target of achieving net-zero by 2050.”

Peter Hagenow

Head of Group Procurement, KWS

carbmee is a leading software provider, leveraging cutting-edge methodologies to advance the carbon management market.

Frost & Sullivan

Corporate sustainability is a definite priority at Kärcher. Now, we are setting the pace for industry in respect to managing emissions throughout our value chain and as we begin to push forward in the race to net-zero, carbmee’s solution has stood out to us with the accuracy of its EIS and automation technology.

Heiko Braitmaier,

Executive Vice President Sourcing & Procurement

As a purpose-born business with a strong environmental mission, decarbonising our business and supply chain is critically important to us. Carbmee helps us gain visibility of the emissions embedded within our supply chain, to then reduce emissions in collaboration with our suppliers.

Arnavaz Schatten,

Director of Sustainability and Impact at Infarm


Knowledge & Insights

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Decarbonization presents complex challenges for industry companies and the market of solutions, both for software and hardware, is still quite young and sometimes not clearly defined. Read to learn more about the different approaches companies can take to measure and reduce their emissions, and what the best carbon reduction approach is for industrial enterprises.


GHG Protocol: What Are Scope 1, 2, & 3 Emissions?

Nearly everything a company does can be understood through the lens of carbon – that is to say, its activities, products, and purchases all have an amount of greenhouse gas emissions allocated to them. So how do companies know what is essential to measure, or how even to quantify the emissions of everything they do? This is where the Greenhouse Gas Protocol comes into play.


Does every board need a Chief Sustainability Officer?

As regulations become stricter, carbon future prices skyrocket, and proactive corporate sustainability becomes a competitive advantage, is it time to start considering whether every board needs a Chief Sustainability Officer?