Carbon Management for All.

Measure and manage carbon emissions 
across industrial value chains with our
 EIS Carbon Management Solution.

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According to SBTi targets, industry must reduce total emissions by approximately 90% to reach net-zero by 2050 - for a total of ca. 40 gigatons of CO2.

The race to net-zero is on - don't get left behind.
Take the first steps with carbmee's customizable Carbon Management Solution.

Analyze data throughout your value chain.

Identify hotspots from CO2 - intensive materials & components across scopes 1, 2, and 3. Then link emissions derived from materials, transactions, logistics, and supplier data.

Collaborate with any stakeholder.

Engage value chain participants to share and integrate primary data in real time – say goodbye to long email threads and time-consuming manual data entry.

Leverage better data for better decisions.

Make data-driven decisions for taking action to achieve your company’s net-zero targets and overall goals.

Get started today and let's
achieve a net-zero future, together.

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“Managers can use software like carbmee's, which helps identify and assess scope 3 emissions, enabling managers to collaborate with customers and suppliers to reduce them.”

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“With carbmee, businesses from a variety of industries can find and optimize their CO2 hotspots to reduce their emissions.”

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“Supply chain emissions offer huge potential for reducing a company's carbon footprint. To tap into this, companies need to work closely with their suppliers to encourage them to switch to renewable energy”

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