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What makes carbmee different from its competitors?


Our product can be used by customers interested in measuring and reporting their carbon emissions. However, it goes beyond that. It was designed for reduction – helping customers to make data-driven decisions based on factual information about their value chain emissions and achieve net-zero targets in a cost-efficient way.

Most of our competitors’ platforms use spend-based calculation alone, which isn’t precise enough to include primary, operations data or provide results that can help companies identify actionable hotspots. Our approach is to use both spend-based and activity-based calculations for the most thorough and precise results possible.

We provide spend-based calculation to set a baseline for Scope 1 and 2 as well as to identify hotspots if needed. At the same time, we guide our users towards collecting and growing their emissions data within the organization and increasing activity-based data coverage.

We provide activity-based calculation to tackle emissions that can be the most difficult to measure throughout the value chain, i.e. Scope 3. While many competitors avoid using activity-based calculations due to their complexity, carbmee has streamlined the process, to deliver on results that are 30% more accurate and actionable insights for carbon reduction strategies.

What kind of carbon footprints do you calculate?


We have developed our own categorization for how we break down all of your company’s emissions, which are:

  Company Carbon Footprint...

  • calculates CO2e emissions across your entire company, i.e. all suppliers, internal processes and products;
  • covers all phases of the company, i.e. Scope 1, 2, and 3;
  • fulfills regulatory and sustainability reporting requirements;
  • enables identification of strategic reduction opportunities.

    Product Carbon Footprint...
  • calculates climate impact of a product;
  • enables carbon reduction along the product development process;
  • commonly required to win tenders, report on progress, and comply with regulations.

    Supplier Carbon Footprint...
  • calculates climate impact across all suppliers;
  • covers all phases of the supply chain, i.e. Scope;
  • identifies cross-supplier/category reduction opportunities;
  • enables collaboration with suppliers for joint carbon reduction.

Can we integrate our ERP system data directly into carbmee’s EIS™ platform?


Yes, our solution is system-agnostic and can integrate with any ERP system.

Can I use international reporting frameworks?


Yes, our solution provides precise information for compliance with major sustainability reporting standards like GRI, CDP, and GHG Protocol.

Why is carbmee better than my company’s internal excel solutions?


While Excel is the classic solution for formatting, organizing and calculating data, it is also entirely manual – not at all optimized for the complexity of corporate carbon management.

Carbmee’s EIS™ Carbon Management Solution automates carbon management, not only making carbon management easier but also delivering on: 

  • calculations 80-90% faster than with Excel;
  • higher level of accuracy & precision;
  • lower margin of error;
  • trustworthy data privacy and security;
  • the opportunity to collaborate on data collection – streamlining data from multiple sources (e.g. suppliers, various internal teams, etc.);
  • a variety of features built for reduction like analytics for easy hotspot identification, an initiative planner for planning reduction path and high ROI initiatives, as well as automated reporting.

Which database do you use for emission calculations?


We use a variety of databases, including comprehensive activity-based databases such as ecoinvent, as well as industry specific ones such as carbon minds and Exiobase for clients in need of spend-based carbon calculations.

Is your data 3rd party auditable?


Yes, all of our 3rd party database partners provide transparent and auditable data on request.

What is carbmee’s pricing model?


We have different packages that can be set-up based on customer’s needs and value chain complexity. Talk to one of our decarbonization experts to get a quote for your company.

How does carbmee support teams from end-to-end of your enterprise?


Our team is composed of industry experts specialized in procurement, business consulting, technology, and more. This means we have the domain knowledge to understand our customers’ challenges and needs – and the know-how to solve them.

To ensure our customers are able to have the greatest impact on their net-zero journey, we also provide:

  • one-on-one guidance and recommendations on how customers can start and level-up their decarbonization;
  • online courses that explain what net-zero is and how to use our product from end-to-end of your enterprise;
  • webinars and events with industry experts, focused on net-zero for both the planet and your company’s sustainable business performance.

We are a consultancy firm interested in EIS™ Carbon Management for our clients’ projects. Can we partner with carbmee?


Yes, our Consultancy Partners are key in supporting our joint customers to eliminate implementation barriers, maximize low-carbon capacity, and achieve breakthroughs in sustainable business performance.

Is there support available when using EIS™ Carbon Management?


Yes, carbmee provides both personal support from our Customer Success Managers but also through our interactive learning platform, carbmee Academy. Customer Success Managers ensure that every customer is guided through:

  • their decarbonization journey, i.e align use of Carbmee with business goals and strategy;
  • how to leverage EIS Carbon Management to achieve meaningful carbon reduction goals;
  • their unique product onboarding;
  • mapping challenges to match for solutions, i.e. product discovery and co-development.

Who is carbmee?


Carbmee sits at the nexus of technology, digitization, and sustainability, with the vision of driving the sustainable transformation of businesses with environmental intelligence in order to achieve net-zero by 2050. Carbmee’s Environmental Intelligence System ™ (EIS) is an enterprise software solution for value chain carbon management, specializing in Scope 3 emissions analysis and reduction potential.

What is carbmee’s EIS™ Carbon Management solution?


Carbmee’s EIS™ Carbon Management Solution is not just a reporting tool or an offsetting platform – our Solution is about integrating operational ERP data to identify where to abate emissions at their source and managing carbon reduction initiatives as effectively as possible. By linking emissions from materials, transactions, logistics, and supplier data to globally recognized standards and methodologies, our Solution calculates carbon footprints down to a supplier-specific level. 

What kind of companies does carbmee work with?


We’re trying to make the biggest impact we can and that means working with some of the world’s largest companies, which also have complex supply chains (i.e. companies with significant Scope 3 emissions). We also work directly with suppliers to analyze and verify their carbon footprint.

Why should my company decarbonize its value chain?


The climate crisis is intensifying and with it so is the need for companies to comply with regulations, but also to develop more resilient supply chains, lower their climate risk, and continually make their operations more sustainable overall. Our Solution gives companies the chance to not only fulfill their emissions reductions pledges, but to truly operate carbon-aware now and far into the future.

What are Scope 1, 2 and 3?


Scope 1 emissions are direct emissions from owned or controlled sources.
Scope 2 emissions are indirect emissions from the generation of purchased energy.
Scope 3 emissions are all indirect emissions (not included in scope 2) that occur in the value chain of the reporting company, including both upstream and downstream emissions.

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