A data-driven approach to transactional carbon accounting

Berlin-based carbmee helps organizations measure, report, and reduce on carbon data across supply chain

A data-driven approach to transactional carbon accounting

Berlin, 15.12.2023: In the rapidly changing landscape of business, transactional carbon accounting is not just a buzzword but a crucial aspect that companies need to embrace. One trailblazer in this movement is carbmee EIS™, an Environmental Intelligence System that simplifies the sustainability journey across the supply chain.

In the era of decarbonization, where businesses are navigating challenges to reduce their carbon footprint, carbmee is revolutionizing sustainability by offering practical solutions to sustainability challenges. From managing product carbon footprints to engaging suppliers in reduction plans, carbmee's all-in-one, intuitive platform makes sustainable business practices fast, easy, and flexible.

Decarbonization Revolution with carbmee EIS™

This holistic platform integrates carbon accounting, product carbon footprints, and supply chain emissions. It simplifies carbon management, empowering organizations to navigate new sustainability regulations, ensure transparency, and gain a competitive edge in the evolving landscape of sustainability.

Tackling the Challenges of Product Carbon Footprints

In the quest to deliver product carbon footprints without labor-intensive manual work, companies often grapple with challenges. How do you respond to customer requests efficiently? How do you calculate numerous PCFs for a vast product portfolio? With carbmee EIS™ companies can build carbon footprints in days while also benefiting from:

  • Automated PCF creation and data update
  • Methodology certified by TÜV and compliant with ISO 14067 and ISO 14064
  • Dynamic updating of new product versions
  • Scenario planning for product redesign and creation of low-carbon products

Sustainable Product Development Made Simple

Reducing emissions in Research and Development can be a daunting task. However, carbmee EIS™ simplifies this with its Product Carbon Footprint Module, allowing for scenario planning that aids in product redesign and the creation of low-carbon alternatives. It's an easy and automated way to align R&D strategies with ESG goals.

Navigating Supply Chain Emissions

Understanding supply chain emissions poses a challenge for many companies. Transparency, data collection, and hotspot identification are key hurdles. carbmee EIS™ Supply Chain Emissions Module comes to the rescue. It helps measure emissions at scale, collect supplier-specific data, and offers scenario planning for strategic sourcing and carbon reduction decisions.

Engaging Suppliers for Sustainable Practices

Engaging suppliers in reduction plans is a common hurdle. carbmee EIS™ Supplier Engagement Module offers tailored onboarding, in-product tutorials, and personalized support. It's a scalable solution that not only educates suppliers about PCF calculation but also involves them in reduction scenarios, making sustainability a collaborative effort.

Streamlining Carbon Accounting

Meeting ESG requirements and ensuring compliance with regulations can be complex. carbmee EIS™ Carbon Accounting Module simplifies this by offering automated reporting creation and updates, historic data tracking, and hotspot analysis. It ensures compliance with CSRD, GHG Protocol, and GRI Standards, making carbon accounting a seamless part of the sustainability journey.

carbmee EIS™ emerges as a game-changer in the realm of sustainable business practices. From product carbon footprints to supply chain emissions and supplier engagement, carbmee's tailored solutions provide a roadmap for companies looking to navigate the complexities of decarbonization. Embrace simplicity, cut through the challenges, and embark on a journey towards a greener and more sustainable future with carbmee EIS™.

About carbmee

The Environmental Intelligence System, carbmee EIS™ is a purpose-built carbon management platform for enterprises with complex supply chains to identify and unlock their maximum carbon reduction potential. The platform is compliant with all international standards and is capable of automated and holistic calculation of carbon footprints on a product, company, and supply chain level. 

carbmee EIS™ platform enables companies with complex value chains unlock up to 90% carbon reduction potential across the value chain in as little as 21 days. 

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