Navigating CBAM Compliance
with carbmee EIS™

Berlin-based carbon management software firm cracks the code to seamless CBAM Reporting

Navigating CBAM Compliance
with carbmee EIS™

Berlin, 13.12.2023. In the dynamic realm of international trade, the European Union's Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) has emerged as an all-new instrument to decarbonize the industry, redefining the rules for businesses engaged in importing goods into the EU. With a mandate for supplier-specific data, CBAM has become a pivotal regulation, necessitating a strategic and informed approach.

The EU has been starting the transition phase since October 2023, in which quarterly reports are already mandatory for EU companies. The first report with CBAM-compliant calculations must be submitted in January 2024. In addition, from 2024 onwards, companies will be required to collect primary data from suppliers and convert it completely into reports. After the transition phase the associated costs, intricately linked to the EU Emission Trading System, present a financial landscape marked by an escalating carbon price, set at 85 Euros per metric ton from November 2023. In this complex scenario, adaptation and informed decision-making are imperative, setting the stage for a critical juncture in the evolution of sustainable trade practices.

Berlin based carbon management firm, carbmee is set out to help organizations with seamless CBAM reporting. The Environmental Intelligence System, carbmee EIS™ has been designed to answer CBAM requirements in the easiest and fastest way possible. The company has been chosen by Gartner as a Cool Vendor 2022 and is mentioned in the Hype Cycle 2023 for Environmental Sustainability. 

Why carbmee EIS™ is the Ideal Choice for CBAM Compliance:

  1. Seamless data ingestion: Companies, forced to report on CBAM can effortlessly load data from their ERP/ customs/ eProcurement into carbmee EIS™. The platform ensures the filtering of relevant CBAM goods, streamlining the process for enhanced accuracy.
  2. Optimization with ease: Identifying and completing missing data becomes a straightforward task with carbmee EIS™. The platform eliminates the need for cumbersome questionnaires, offering a more efficient and user-friendly experience.
  3. Precision in calculation: carbmee EIS™ adheres to the guidelines set by the EU Commission, ensuring accurate and compliant emissions calculation.
  4. Streamlined quarterly CBAM reporting: Companies can easily download their quarterly CBAM reports as XML files, ready for seamless submission to the EU.

Insights from Industry Leaders:

"With the reporting phase of the CBAM coming as soon as January 2024, we knew we needed to rely on a technology that could calculate the emissions of our purchased goods fast. Sustainability questionnaires for suppliers just wouldn’t make it on the time and scalability we needed. carbmee EIS™ is a game-changer for CBAM compliance. In a matter of weeks, we can achieve full traceability of purchased goods' emissions, enabling us to meet new carbon regulations with unparalleled speed." - Andreas Schön, Kärcher - a global leader in the cleaning technology industry.

As the landscape of CBAM compliance evolves, carbmee EIS™ stands as a steadfast ally, guiding EU companies through complexities with precision and efficiency. More than a solution, it represents an informed choice for businesses navigating the demands of sustainable trade practices. 

Stay compliant, stay competitive - choose carbmee EIS™ as your trusted partner in the CBAM compliance journey.

About carbmee

The Environmental Intelligence System, carbmee EIS™ is a purpose-built carbon management platform for enterprises with complex supply chains to identify and unlock their maximum carbon reduction potential. The platform is compliant with all international standards and is capable of automated and holistic calculation of carbon footprints on a product, company, and supply chain level. 

carbmee EIS™ platform enables companies with complex value chains unlock up to 90% carbon reduction potential across the value chain in as little as 21 days.

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