carbmee: A Trusted Carbon Management Solution Provider for Complex Supply Chains

In a recent discussion, Prof. Christian Heinrich, Co-Founder and Managing Director at carbmee, shared insights into the company's role in carbon management for complex supply chains.

Environmental Intelligence System carbmee EIS

Simplifying Carbon Management for Industries with Complex Supply Chains

carbmee serves as a solution for various industries, including automotive, manufacturing, chemical, pharmaceuticals, medtech, hi-tech, logistics, and FMCG. The company focuses on simplifying carbon management, helping businesses understand and reduce their carbon footprint, and complying with upcoming regulations like CBAM.

Dr. Christian Heinrich, Co-Founder since January 2021, explains that carbmee was founded with the goal of simplifying complex processes. Heinrich and his co-founder, Robin Spickers, deliberately joined forces, combining their knowledge in sustainability and supply chain. Together, they created carbmee, offering practical solutions for carbon accounting and reduction.

Understanding Scope 1, 2, and 3

The company categorizes emissions into three types. Scope 1 covers direct emissions a company makes, like running boilers and vehicles. Scope 2 includes indirect emissions, such as the energy a company buys. Scope 3 encompasses all the emissions a company is indirectly responsible for across its value chain.

carbmee's journey began with a focus on the complex Scope 3 emissions. Now, they streamline the process, helping businesses save time, resources, and money. Heinrich emphasizes the challenge of measuring scope 3, requiring a robust calculation engine and algorithm to automatically calculate footprints and provide recommendations for reductions. The platform simplifies carbon accounting and reduction, making it all happen in one place. This way, companies can be transparent about their carbon impact and engage with suppliers for better environmental practices.

Inside carbmee’s Platform - The Environmental Intelligence System carbmee EIS™

The carbmee EIS™ platform enables enterprises to achieve a 94% reduction in process costs, ensuring fast carbon transparency across scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions. The integrated solution centralizes complex data streams, allowing companies to perform carbon accounting, assess product carbon footprints, and initiate supply chain emission reduction within a unified system. The platform's precision and flexibility, incorporating spend-based, activity-based, and supplier-specific calculation methodologies, empower carbmee's customers to grow according to their unique requirements. It offers reliability in supplier engagement, fostering trust and accountability through transparent communication, procurement management, and complaint handling.

In essence, the Environmental Intelligence System carbmee EIS™ simplifies complexity, making carbon management a seamless and value-driven process for businesses.

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About carbmee

The Environmental Intelligence System carbmee EIS™ is a carbon management platform that enables organizations to seamlessly collect, analyze, and report emissions data across all three scopes of the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol. It combines carbon accounting, product carbon footprints (LCA), and supply chain emissions (scope 3) into a single integrated system to centralize complex data streams. By facilitating data accuracy and transparency, carbmee empowers 50+ enterprises to make informed decisions and implement effective emission reduction measures.

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