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The End-to-end Carbon Management Solution

Our EIS™ Carbon Management solution is designed for companies with complex value chains and in emissions-intensive industries to manage carbon across Scope 1, 2 and 3. We are the only carbon management solution that enables real collaboration across the entire value chain and in every step of your net-zero journey – so you can measure emissions precisely, achieve real reduction within set timelines, and integrate carbon metrics throughout your day-to-day business decisions.


Measure in real-time Automated & activity-based measurement of emissions, Scope 1, 2 and 3, including supplier-specific data.

Net-Zero Numbers from Industry Pioneers

>10% higher

market valuation compared to peers in the same industry that are not committed to net-zero.

20% higher

profit margin & market share for carbon neutral products and services.

$10 billion

is the estimated annual cost of carbon fines, taxes & operations for a large enterprise by 2050.




Measure carbon emissions in real-time
Our automation technology measures your entire value chain emissions with precision in real-time and enables your team to analyze hotspots through different lenses.
  • Automated activity-based carbon accounting
  • Smart analytics with emissions breakdown by product, supplier, business units and more
  • Data enrichment by suppliers on scale

Achieve carbon transparency

within days

Increase precision on hotspots

within weeks

Plan net-zero strategy and take action

in the first month

Get started today and let's achieve a net-zero future, together.

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