How carbmee works in detail

All-in-one solution for a net-zero value chain

Leverage existing enterprise data to gain scope 1-3 transparency and reduce CO₂ emissions with automated recommendations.

Data Quality


Identification of CO₂-intensive materials and components allocated to suppliers.


Easily integrate data from software or sources you already use to minimize manual work by leveraging our environmental intelligence.


Work with the most accurate datasets to understand the carbon impact of your value-chain in as much detail as possible.


Break your carbon emissions down into products, suppliers, materials, transports and purchasing orders to identify your CO2-risks.

Data Sharing


Engage value-chain participants in seconds to share and integrate primary data – say “so long” to average calculations.


Request high-quality data from suppliers, customers, or team members with just one click to achieve comprehensive in-depth calculations.


Centralize distributed value-chain data into one easy-to-use platform to leverage one calculation standard.

Take Action


Start tier-n decarbonization journeys and use automated recommendations to take action.



Build process models of your supplier relationships to find collaborative and strategic ways for climate reduction.


Set data-driven and actionable decarbonization targets with your focus suppliers based on carbon reduction potential.


Track the progress of your ongoing decarbonization journeys to reduce your emission baseline step by step.

Let’s achieve a net-zero future, together.
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Making value-chain decarbonization easy and actionable for enterprises with our cloud-based Environmental Intelligence System.