Accelerate your decarbonization journey

Carbmee's Environmental Intelligence System (EIS™), a holistic carbon management platform that combines all carbon footprints by leveraging automation and industry expertise, empowers enterprises to manage and reduce their footprints at scale.

Trusted by enterprises, such as:

>10% Higher

market valuation for companies currently committed to net-zero, as compared to competitors.

$5 Trillion

amount invested annually by 2025 into companies with strong sustainability strategies.

$10 Billion

estimated annual cost of carbon fines, taxes & operations for a large enterprise by 2050.

carbmee’s Environmental Intelligence System™

The end to end Carbon
Management Solution

  • Measure

    Measure carbon holistically across your entire value chain.

    • Automated carbon footprint calculation
    • Optimized activity-based methodology
    • Transparency across Scope 1, 2 and 3
    • Company, Product, and Supplier Carbon Footprints
    • Customizable analytics dashboard
  • Reduce

    Reduce emissions on time and within budget

    • Collaborative data gathering with stakeholders
    • Initiative and scenario planning
    • Emissions forecast compliant to SBTi
    • Benchmark reduction status with climate commitments
    • Automated reduction status update
  • Report

    Report your sustainable transformation & reduction progress

    • Regulations and certification overview
    • Automated report setting
    • Compliance status with international standards
    • Auditable data
    • 3rd party certification partnership

Ready to accelerate your
decarbonization journey?

Your path to net-zero, made simpler

EIS™ Carbon Management guides your enterprise through its decarbonization journey, providing customized recommendations for sustainably transforming your organization.

  • 01 Automate carbon footprints

  • 02 Analyze emissions hotspots

  • 03 Collaborate with suppliers

  • 04 Plan reduction initiatives

  • 05 Monitor your progress

  • 06 Report on targets achieved

  • Translate any data point into emissions data

  • Analyze hotspots & prioritize
    high ROI initiatives.

  • Get supplier primary data on scale & increase hotspot precision.

  • Benchmark scenarios & plan
    reduction initiatives.

  • Keep track of your climate strategy progress & optimize based on new insights.

  • Stay compliant & React fast to new market demands with automated reporting.


What sets EIS™ Carbon Management apart

Leveraging automation throughout your entire net-zero journey.

Fostering efficient collaboration across your entire value chain.

Designed for carbon reduction that yields high return-on-investment.

Built by an expert team with industry experience.