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Avoid heavy carbon taxes by leveraging detailed CBAM data to calculate and declare carbon footprint of suppliers.

Why CBAM Matters
to Your Business?

The European Union's Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) is a game changer for businesses importing goods into the EU. CBAM is the first regulation that requires product- & installation-specific data. In this complex landscape of regulations, carbmee EIS™ is the platform to manage monitor, and report all requirements for CBAM. Starting in October 2023, the transition period till 2026 requires all EU domestic importers to calculate their imported emissions in a CBAM-compliant manner. The cost will be tied to the EU Emission Trading System with an increasing carbon price (85 Euro per metric Ton from November 2023). Global supply chains and sourcing processes cannot be changed within a very short period of time, so companies have to make decisions beyond the transition phase. Remember, unchecked carbon emissions can come with hefty expenses.

Maximise CBAM compliance efficiency with carbmee EIS™

CBAM Compliance Process Infographic - Steps to achieve CBAM compliance

carbmee EIS™ helps you understand CBAM-related challenges with accurate data insights. Whether it's the prevention of carbon leakage or balancing competition for EU industries, our software ensures you're always a step ahead.

carbmee EIS™
for CBAM Reporting

Why Choose carbmee EIS™ for Your CBAM Compliance Journey?

carbmee EIS™ Platform has been designed to answer CBAM requirements in the easiest and fastest way possible.


Data ingestion
Load data from your ERP into carbmee EIS™. carbmee filters relevant CBAM goods for you. Our experts will help you with this.


Capturing Primary Data from Suppliers
Utilize carbmees supplier engagement tool to efficiently onboard your suppliers at scale, enabling them to provide CBAM-compliant data directly into carbmee EIS™. Necessary assistance and training will be provided.


Now the calculation can start. We use the relevant guidelines from the EU Commission for this purpose.


Quarterly CBAM Report
Download the quarterly CBAM report as an XML file so that it can be submitted directly to the EU.

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What Our Customers Say

Andreas Schön, Kärcher Director Sourcing & Procurement Governance

Andreas Schön

Kärcher Director Sourcing & Procurement Governance

"With the reporting phase of the CBAM coming as soon as January 2024, we knew we needed to rely on a technology that could calculate the emissions of our purchased goods fast. Sustainability questionnaires for suppliers just wouldn’t make it on the time and scalability we needed. carbmee EIS™ is a game-changer for CBAM compliance. In a matter of weeks, we are able to achieve full traceability of purchased goods' emissions, enabling us to meet new carbon regulations with unparalleled speed.”

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