Supplier Engagement

Collect data across the entire supply chain to achieve SBTi and net-zero goals

Effortlessly track and manage primary emission data from all suppliers in one platform. Turn reduction targets into measurable results with ease, increased data accuracy, transparency, and supplier reduction dashboard.

Supplier Engagement

Why should carbmee EIS™
be your chosen solution?

Gathering data on supplier sustainability performance is not sufficient. We understand that merely requesting suppliers to establish GHG reduction objectives or report on their data will not lead to achieving your company-wide scope 3 goals at the required pace and scale.



As per Gartner's Hype Cycle for Sustainability Report (2023), carbmee EIS™ is the best software for Scope 3 GHG emissions and carbon accounting and management.



We follow a comprehensive, methodical approach to accelerate suppliers' ability to establish their targets and achieve targets throughout supply chains.



We align on Science-based targets initiatives (SBTi), the latest regulations like CBAM, and net-zero goals to help companies build resilient supply chains.

Smart and easy supplier engagement
to achieve your reduction goals

Personalized Supplier Onboarding with carbmee EIS™ for Efficient Data Collection

Personalized Supplier Onboarding

Your Supplier Engagement Manager will personally onboard your strategic suppliers with customized training and recommendations for data collection and input.

In-Product Tutorials for Simplified Supplier Data Collection

Powerful in-product tutorials

Step-by-step guidance to educate suppliers and collect primary data with ease. No more back-and-forth communication or sending out multiple different data sheets.

Dedicated Account Manager for Supplier Support and Assistance

Dedicated Account Manager

Suppliers will receive personalized support and establish direct contact with the carbmee Supplier Engagement Manager for assistance throughout the process.

Efficient Stakeholder Management with carbmee EIS

Stakeholder Management

Use carbmee to involve all relevant stakeholders and inform them in a timely manner. carbmee's user management helps you organize different levels of access.

Book a demoAlignment with SBTi, CBAM, and Net-Zero Regulations for Resilient Supply Chains

Achieve Better Efficiency,
Stronger Partnerships

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We're thrilled to be a part of the & PACT network, collaborating to set the standard for carbon data sharing.

Data-Driven Decisions with Third-Party Integrations

Data-driven decisions

Third-party integrations with solutions like Jaggaer and Ariba for automated workflows

Third-party integrations with solutions like Jaggaer and Ariba for automated workflows

Reduction Monitioring



Supply Chain

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