Future-proofing Supply Chains with Carbon Data Management

Get in-depth guidance on supply chain management and how to collect and leverage comprehensive carbon data in order to achieve compliance and transition to future-proof supply chains with lasting growth. This whitepaper will help you understand,

  • Data Quality: Aim for highly accurate carbon data to gain an actual understanding of your emissions and reduction potential. Upgrade from spend-based to activity-based data now and continually increase the amount of supplier-specific data.
  • Data Integration: Integrate your carbon data with enterprise systems to ensure carbon factors are automatically included in your decision-making processes.
  • Primary Data from Suppliers: Streamline Supplier Engagement to build robust and speedy processes to collect emission data from suppliers and collaborate on mitigation initiatives. 
  • Leverage Data Insights: Source low-emission suppliers, develop and track targeted mitigation initiatives with key suppliers, drive eco-friendly product design, decarbonize your supply chain with high ROI in a transforming economy.