carbmee introduces enhanced CBAM capabilities within carbmee EIS™

The new capabilities simplify primary and internal data collection to ensure regulatory compliance and carbon reduction

carbmee introduces enhanced CBAM capabilities within carbmee EIS™

Berlin, 20.07.2024: The carbon management software provider carbmee announced today the launch of new CBAM capabilities within its core CBAM module. This addition significantly enhances the automation capabilities of the carbmee EIS™, enabling industrial manufacturing companies to meet the European Union's CBAM requirements with greater efficiency and accuracy.

According to carbmee,  these new additions will reduce efforts for suppliers significantly as against to the traditional supplier questionnaire approaches.

Founded in 2019, Berlin-based carbmee's Environmental Intelligence System carbmee EIS™ automates carbon management at granular level data, providing companies with visibility into their Scope 3 and supply chain emissions. By collecting data from across the value chain, the platform enables carbon traceability and product carbon footprinting, while identifying emissions reduction opportunities.

“Our new CBAM functionalities streamline the collection of internal and primary data, replacing questionnaires with comprehensive carbon emission models built on the latest CBAM criteria. This approach reduces time for suppliers, increases data transparency in the supply chain, and helps companies forecast carbon penalties. It also enables them to potentially understand reduction levers, facilitating truly sustainable transformation rather than merely ticking the boxes,” mentions Robin Spickers, the Co-CEO of carbmee.

Benefits of these new CBAM capabilities include:

  • Ingest API: This dedicated Ingest API simplifies and accelerates the process of importing CBAM transactions, reducing manual data entry and errors. Users can enjoy seamless integration, ensuring their CBAM data is up-to-date and in real-time.
  • In-depth Models for Imported Goods: Users can leverage carbmee’s comprehensive LCA models to accurately calculate emissions for CBAM imported goods. This ensures compliance by providing reliable and consistent emission data, which is a major benefit for onboarding suppliers and their respective data. It also allows users to leverage CBAM data for scope 3 granularity.
  • Supplier Data Ingestion via Excel: By allowing suppliers to submit their primary emission data through an easy-to-use template, customers and their respective suppliers can gather large amounts of data accurately and in a short time.
  • Comparison of Emission Models: Users can compare pre-calculated emission models with supplier-ingested models, maintaining two versions of the item. This comparison capability allows for the verification and validation of emission data.

These new additions will be available starting today. For more information on carbmee EIS™ and its CBAM module, visit

About carbmee

carbmee is a trusted solution provider for that enables organizations with complex supply chains to seamlessly collect, analyze, and report emissions data across all three scopes of the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol. The Environmental Intelligence System carbmee EIS™ platform combines carbon accounting, product carbon footprints (LCA), and supply chain emissions (scope 3) into a single integrated system to centralize complex data streams. carbmee EIS™ is mentioned in 2023 Gartner Hype Cycle for Environmental Sustainability and 2024 Gartner Market Guide in the Carbon Accounting and Management Software Report.

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