Transport & Logistics

Transportation and logistics activities, including aviation, rail, shipping, heavy and light trucking account for approx. 17% of global CO2e emissions – making the sector's participation in emissions reductions crucial to overall net-zero goals.

Currently, only about one-third of Transportation & Logistics companies disclose, or partially disclose, their emissions and about one-fifth have set emissions targets. Developing better carbon transparency now not only brings the chance for better sustainability, but also new low-carbon services.

Industry Challenges

Tracking emissions from 3PL and 4PLS suppliers

Not having tools that can capture the full scope of emissions data from transport mode, fuel type, distance, weight, etc.

High emission combustion fuels for extensive road fleets

Carbon management
for transport & logistics

We support the logistics and transport industry across the multi-modal supply chain and can be implemented by logistics service providers, shippers, and carriers alike.

Real-time emissions calculations

Gain full transparency of carbon emissions across millions of transactions, business units, and warehouses and integrate it into day-to-day decisions.

Drive change together with customers

Manage & report on customer-based emissions and monetize on new low-carbon service streams.


Compare between different transport modes, traditional and innovative fuels, load weights and distances, and estimate impact to low-carbon transition.

Forecast & share your path to net-zero

Create SBTi compliant reduction forecasts from bottom-up initiatives & promote your initiatives throughout your value chain.

Our customers have…

Gained carbon transparency in <15 days

Identified at least 30% reduction potential throughout the value chain

Expanded with new low-carbon services

See what our EIS Carbon Management Solutions can do for companies across various industries.

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