Low-carbon automotive design

With a shift to non-fossil-fuel-powered vehicles, McKinsey predicts that emissions from material production will soon surpass tailpipe emissions, making up for 60% of life-cycle emissions by 2040. Adapting to this shift will require automotive companies to consider their entire value chain and in particular, their supply chain. If automotive companies start acting now to address the future rise of material emissions, the challenge can become an opportunity for companies to cut costs through carbon abatement.

Industry Challenges

Gaining visibility of & tracking indirect emissions coming from suppliers.

Reporting Reduction progress not only across scopes 1 & 2, but also scope 3.

Comparing reduction impact of material alternatives.

Carbon management
for automotive

We support the automotive industry to gain carbon transparency across international value chains, compare lower-carbon alternatives, and engage with suppliers in real-time. Our EIS Carbon Management Solution can also be implemented by OEMs and Tier-N suppliers alike.

AI-powered calculations tailored to your business

Know where you stand – find out the baseline of your entire business operations through automation technology within just a few weeks.

Engage tier-n suppliers in your net-zero goals

Streamline supplier data in one place and collaborate on high ROI initiatives.

Integrate emissions factors into business decisions

From R&D to Procurement, empower your team to make business decisions based on carbon factors and drive strategy from the bottom up.

Create forecasts and have always up-to-date reports

Disclose your net-zero strategy based on global standards such as GRI, GHG Protocol and SBTi with automated reports and forecasts based on real-life operations.

Our customers have…

Found a reduction potential of 86% in emissions by replacing one material

Calculated their emissions based on their ERP data in under 1 month

Integrated real-time reporting for all stakeholders and business needs

Industries getting carbon under management

See what our EIS Carbon Management Solutions can do for companies across various industries.

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