Manufacturing for a net-zero future

Supply chain emissions are on average 11.4x higher than operational emissions – having doubled compared to previous estimates, as suppliers have increased their carbon transparency and data accuracy. To achieve net-zero targets on time, companies must not only use scalable solutions that automate and streamline calculations, but also promote supplier engagement – helping to decisively reduce emissions across the entire value chain.

Industry Challenges

Aligning both production processes and suppliers with overall company net-zero goals.

Gaining visibility of & tracking indirect emissions coming from suppliers.

Comparing reduction impact of alternative energy sources for production.

Carbon management
for manufacturing & production

We support the manufacturing and production industry across extensive value chains to compare production alternatives and align across both internal and external supply chain stakeholders.

Emissions calculations on scale with AI technology

Get accurate baseline supply chain emissions and analyze hotspots based on supplier, product, category, production method and more.

Automated net-zero supplier evaluation

Foster real collaboration with suppliers through automation of emissions calculations and evaluate suppliers not based on survey, but on real business data.

Integrate emissions data in day-to-day business decisions

Compare alternative materials, empower procurement teams on negotiations with suppliers, give assertive reduction recommendations to partners and more.

SBTi forecasts based on real business strategy

Create SBTi-compliant reduction forecasts from bottom-up initiatives & promote initiatives with internal and external stakeholders.

Our customers have...

Identified 55% reduction potential through collaboration with suppliers

Analyzed +1,000 transactional data points in 1 month

Uncovered 32% annual reduction potential after analysis of one procurement category

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Manufacturing sector


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