Automotive Supplier Gains Total Carbon Transparency over Supply Chain in 3 weeks and Prepares for Market Shift

Leading the Charge Towards Sustainability in the Automotive Industry

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As a leading global supplier to the automotive and industrial sectors, this company has proven its commitment to sustainability through notable achievements. With a CDP top rating for climate and water usage, the company has established itself as a frontrunner in environmental stewardship and it is getting ready to lead the industry towards low-carbon emissions. Guided by their ambitious goal of achieving climate neutrality by 2040, the company sought a powerful solution to further their net-zero journey. That’s when they turned to the Environmental Intelligence System (carbmee EIS™), seeking to leverage its capabilities to gain total carbon transparency across the supply chain and start collaborating with suppliers to minimize carbon emissions.

Driving Sustainability Breakthroughs:

How carbmee EIS™ Transformed Their Net-Zero Journey

The remarkable journey of this company, powered by carbmee cutting-edge solutions, provides invaluable learnings for the entire industry. As carbon management takes center stage, here are the key takeaways that can empower other companies to accelerate their reduction efforts and achieve their climate goals faster than the competition:

Rapid Carbon Footprint Management: Unveiling Total Transparency in Just 3 Weeks

By harnessing automation technology, the carbmee EIS™ enabled the company to quickly gain insights into their entire value chain emissions. Within just three weeks, they enhanced carbon transparency, launching a high-impact strategy to tackle Scope 3 emissions. The carbmee EIS™ also helped the company identify their emissions hotspots, allowing them to target climate efforts more effectively.

Automated Calculation of Supplier Carbon
Footprints: Streamlining Efficiency

With carbmee EIS™ automation capabilities, the company was able to calculate the carbon footprint on activity-based (transactional) level of over 25,000 purchased goods from more than 10.000 of suppliers. This significantly reduced manual effort and improved efficiency, enabling the company to focus more on developing sustainable practices rather than being burdened by time-consuming calculations. With this carbon footprint automation, the Sustainable Procurement Team was able to extract data with high accuracy, up to 30% with the spend-based calculation Moreover it was not necessary to send out questionnaires and wait for responses. Now, the Sustainable Procurement Team is in the driver's seat.

Identification of Emissions Hotspots and
Reduction Opportunities: Unlocking Insights

carbmee EIS™ platform empowered the company to identify Scope 3 emission hotspots within their supply chain and to define initiatives. The newfound knowledge enabled them to prioritize areas where emissions could be reduced, fostering a culture of data-driven collaboration among suppliers. All quick wins (e.g. supplier is using green energy in the production) are managed in the supplier collaboration module of carbmee EIS™. Supplier Engagament is made intuitive as only some missing primary data can be added or the secondary data can be confirmed. There is no need to calculate a complete Product Carbon Footprint which is usually not doable for all suppliers. By leveraging these insights, the company took targeted action to lower their carbon footprint and transition to a low-carbon economy.

Tailored Service and Industry Advice:
Maximizing Benefits

Throughout their sustainability journey, the company received ongoing service and industry advice from carbmee’s expert team. This support ensured that they maximized the benefits of the partnership with carbmee and made informed decisions to reduce their carbon footprint. The personalized approach helped the company navigate their net-zero transition with confidence and expertise.

Paving the Way for Sustainable Automotive Manufacturing: Lessons for the Industry

The success story of this company with carbmee EIS™ offers invaluable insights for the entire automotive industry. This story tells us that embracing innovative carbon management solutions is the only way for companies to effectively achieve carbon transparency and reduction across the value chain. Now, let’s uncover the key benefits that can guide other companies towards sustainable car parts manufacturing.

carbmee EIS™ Dashboard: Total Carbon Transparency